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Company History

The Service by Medallion story began when Roland Strick, Sr. emigrated from Chile to the United States in 1964. As a young man with $300 in his pocket, Roland tried out living the "American Dream." To support himself through school, Roland began working as a janitor for a large San Jose building services firm.


Through dedication and hard work, Roland rose through the ranks, and in six years became an Operations Manager. Years later, with the shared industry expert knowledge combined with entrepreneurial vision, Roland Strick and his fellow coworker and Sales Manager Roland Phillips, saw an opportunity to create an organization able to operate successfully simply by providing exceptional customer service. As a result, in 1978 Service by Medallion (SBM) was founded.


The two industry pioneers developed their company based on three principles they believed were important: respect for employees and customers, professionalism, and honesty at all times. For the next decade, SBM grew successfully, securing high-profile customers and eventually becoming a union employer.

In 1993, the Strick’s second generation began to reshape the company’s vision. Roland Strick, Jr. joined the now family-owned company after graduating from UC Berkeley. Roland Jr. started his career as an evening janitor where he learned the trades of the industry, and acquired a solid understanding of customer service. Striving to make a difference, Roland Jr. continued working with SBM’s Sales Team were he began implementing new programs and strategies that set the stage for the company’s future. Roland, Jr.’s plan included expanding the executive management team, bringing new technologies, and restructuring operations to meet the company’s goal: client retention through customer service.

With SBM’s new management structure and service-oriented approach, SBM gained an outstanding reputation which provided an increasing number of clients by referral. Consequently, SBM began to receive recognition awards from distinguished associations like the San Jose Business Journal. In 2002, SBM continued to set itself for growth when it purchased its new state of the art headquarters facility located in Mountain View, CA. Today, SBM practices its novel Green Clean program at its headquarters, which helped the company earn the county’s Green Business certification.

Servicing over 25 million square feet of real estate property around the Bay Area on a nightly basis, SBM has four offices throughout the Bay Area, a vehicle fleet of over forty units—including a Hybrid fleet—and the company provides employment opportunities for over 600 people. In correlation with the company’s vision and success, SBM partners with other philanthropic organizations to support charity and actively fund events that help build a better community. As a result of its active involvement with the community, SBM became a Finalist during the 2007 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year awards under the –Socially Responsible category.

Since the mid-nineties, SBM has continued to be ranked as one of the Silicon Valley Business Journals Top 100 Fastest-Growing companies, and in 2006 SBM was ranked as the second largest janitorial company in Silicon Valley. After years of visionary management and a culture of dedication, SBM continues to build its future as it stands firmly as the most reputable building maintenance firm in Northern California.