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Green Clean

    Why implement a Green Program?


    • Many companies are creating an environmentally sensitive cleaning & maintenance program that minimizes adverse impact on worker and building occupant health. Service by Medallion's goal is to provide all LEED or Green Environments the capability of a cleaning program of "green" preferred products that will result in:

      • Less absenteeism

      • More productivity

      • Lower insurance rates

    SBM Goals of Green Cleaning:


    • Mission - To achieve a more sustainable world by promoting environmentally responsible production, purchasing and products.

    • Goal of achieving a healthier and cleaner environment by reducing pollution and waste while conserving resources.

    • Environmental - Reduce the impacts of natural resource consumption

    • Economic - Improve the bottom line

    • Health and safety - Enhance occupant comfort and health

    • Community - Minimize strain on local infrastructures and improve quality of life

    Points to consider when selecting specialty maintenance cleaning products:


    • Environmental Impact

      • Indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more contaminant than outdoor air

      • Allergic reactions to "Sick" indoor environments account for more than 10 million workdays missed by US employees each year

      • 2/3 of all commercial property have "sick building syndrome"

      • Currently 7-15% of the population is sensitive to allergic reactions. Experts expect that number to grow to 60% by the year 2020

    • Worker Safety

      • 8% of all janitors incur some type of injury due to chemical exposure each year

    • Product Performance

      • When compared to traditional product formulations, Green products are formulated to reduce risks to human health

      • No Carcinogens, Mutagens or Teratogens

      • Certified "Green Seal" chemicals reduce pollutants and are non-toxic to people and the environment

      • Dispensing units help reduce material usage & storage, and reduce the amount of recyclables

      • Use of anti-microbial soap should be discouraged except for those required by the Health Department

      • Preference should be given to floor care products that do not contain metals.

      • Non-zinc floor finishes

      • Non-Toxic Strippers

    Service by Medallion is on the cutting edge of building maintenance and has green cleaning experts on staff to assist our clients in meeting local government and USGBC regulations for Green Certification

    The Complete Green Program Consist of the Following:


    • Use of Green Seal approved cleaning products

    • Maximized water efficiency to reduce the burden on municipal water supplies

    • Appropriate operation and maintenance systems to deliver target building performance goals

    • Recycling programs that reduce building waste streams

    • Low impact environment equipment usage