Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Service by Medallion is a full service distributor of professional janitorial supplies (including bulk paper products and dispensers), cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment. With a thorough facility audit of equipment and supplies, along with a massive buying network, we are able to identify opportunities for cost savings and pass the cost advantages of buying from us to your organization. Our expansive inventory includes:

Maintenance Tools/Chemicals:

  • Soaps/Lotions
  • Sanitizers
  • Floor sealers and Waxes
  • Disinfectants
  • Degreasers
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products


  • Waste receptacles
  • Recycling Stations
  • Composting Bins
  • Safety apparel
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Floor mats
    • Custom floor mats
    • Interior/Exterior floor mats
  • Cleaning accessories

With the variety of specialty products provided, including top brand names, our staff and industry experts can assist with the needs of your facility and suggest a selection of products and equipment to become your one source for all of your facility maintenance supplies.