Medallion Recertified to the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Business with Honors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.May 24, 2017PRLog — Service by Medallion has officially achieved the recertification process to the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Business (CIMS-GB) with Honors.

CIMS applies to management, operations, performance systems, and processes. Compliance with the Standard demonstrates an organization is structured to deliver consistent, quality services that are designed to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. It sets forth processes, procedures, and supporting documentation proven to be characteristic of customer-driven organizations. CIMS is nonprescriptive and each individual organization has the flexibility to choose the most effective ways in which to meet its requirements.

The CIMS Assessment is divided into six areas of management best practices:

• Quality Systems
• Service Delivery
• Human Resources
• Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship
• Management Commitment
Green Building (GB)

CIMS applies to an organization in its entirety, rather than to a specific individual, process or product, and without respect to the size of the organization. To achieve the recertification process, Medallion submitted written documentation supporting their compliance with the requirements described in the five key sections of the Standard.

In addition, Medallion met the mandatory elements for CIMS Green Business, which sets forth a specific framework to ensure that Medallion uses environmentally preferable cleaning practices in addition to the management best practices identified in the five core sections of the Standard.

An ISSA-accredited third-party assessor conducts a three day on-site review of the applicant’s systems, processes, and documentation to ensure compliance, as well as visits individual customer accounts or locations to ensure that the organization’s activities are consistent with the documented systems and processes.

By implementing an effective management framework and green cleaning program, Medallion continues to position itself to improve operational efficiency and better serve its clients in a way that naturally leads to cost savings.

Medallion is thrilled to share the fabulous news with all employees, clients and partners that helped make this possible. They also encourage all Facility Maintenance companies and Facility Maintenance decision makers to make CIMS a priority, especially when selecting vendors.

About Service by Medallion

Service by Medallion is an award winning Facility Support Services Company servicing Corporate Campuses with janitorial, supplies, building repairs, and staffing throughout the West, primarily focusing on the Greater Bay Area. Contact Service by Medallion if you too would like to learn about our proven campus green maintenance programs and how to save more water, reduce more waste and conserve more energy. Service by Medallion is committed to delivering “Best in Class” industry leading programs and services through real time response, innovation, technology, performance analytics, and expertise.

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