Window Cleaning

We offer as wide range of customization for commercial window cleaning. Our window cleaning crew is not only trained and experienced but also equipped to service any building size with the right equipment for a satisfactory finish. Our Exterior Perimeter Glass solution provides a comprehensive Glass Restoration service including the removal water stains, mineral deposits, acid rain spots, sprinkler overspray deposits and screen stains. Other window cleaning services include:

  • Window tinting – Keep cool and lower energy costs by installing window film to your building.
  • High rise window cleaning – We have the experience and expertise to accomplish jobs of all types and sizes in an efficient manner with minimal disruption of normal activities.
  • Ledge, awnings, sills and screen cleaning – Remove mold, mildew oxidation, corrosion, carbon and rust to your decorative roofs, ledges, awnings and sills to create a distinction to your building.
  • Rain gutter and down spout cleaning – Remove the debris from the gutters to make sure each downspout is flowing at maximum efficiency. Our annual maintenance program allows the entire gutter system to function and achieve its maximum life expectancy,

Offering an environmentally friendly cleaning process using non-toxic cleaning solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide and microfiber materials, Service by Medallion will revitalize all interior and exterior windows. All of our Service by Medallion staff are trained in all materials and equipment use to make sure our clients are provided with the best service and experience possible.